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The adventures of 19th-Century South Carolina crime reporter MacTavish are serialized

monthly in Boiling Springs Today magazine!

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The Casebook of MacTavish

Harper's young contemporary South Carolina crime reporter, based in upstate Spartanburg, finds himself involved in episodes as enthralling--and often as dangerous--as those of the Columbia chronicler in the late 1800s. Murderers, embezzlers, theft rings, gamblers, gangsters and spies--and mysteries that defy explanation. Such is the stuff of "The Casebook of MacTavish."

"The Casebook" debuted in Spartanburg Today magazine in August 2008. When ST merged with its companion magazine, Boiling Springs Today, in March 2009, "The Casebook of MacTavish" was continued in BST without interruption. Stories include "The Kelsy House Mystery," "A Death on the Brooklyn Road," "The Ghosts at Glenn Springs" (two parts), "A Christmas Redemption," "The Corpse in the Snow," "The Dorn Street Murders," "Aboard the Asheville Train," "The Escape of Nathan Hardee," "The Coroner's Confession," "The Dog at Dusk," "What Happened at Bleak Hall," "The Parson's Dilemma," "The Lunatic of the Border," "The Ragamuffin Posse," "The Thanksgiving Conspiracy," "A Crime Solved at Billiards" and "The Glenn Springs Road Affair" . . . and many more. A new story appears each month.

Boiling Springs Today publishes .pdf files of its contents online. To read some of the "MacTavish" stories, please visit www.boilingspringstoday.com.

Questions or critiques? Please communicate with me at my author's address: d@danieleltonharmon.com. Thank you!

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