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Harper & MacTavish in Print

Paperback Sampler Booklets Now Available

For those who loathe to read e-books online, many of the recently published Harper and MacTavish stories have been printed in staple-bound booklets; available directly from the author. Four sampler booklets are available:


"A Crime Solved at Billiards" & "A Christmas Redemption"

—Featuring MacTavish, the Spartanburg crime reporter for The Evening Crier, at his best.


"Aboard the Asheville Train" & "A Resident of the Asylum"—Again featuring MacTavish, in these cases spotting an impending theft by rail and probing an unsatisfactorily resolved family death.


"Snudley Doozle"—In a lengthy intrigue winding through Columbia streets, Harper faces death. Is an unloved dog his only hope for rescue?


"The Harbinger on Horseback" & "A Small Deductive Study"—Harper again . . . at lunch and at chess.

Each e-book costs $3 postpaid; $10 postpaid for all four (add 6 percent sales tax, for orders inside South Carolina). Please make checks to "Dan Harmon" and remit to P.O. Box 143, Converse, SC 29329.

Thank you!


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