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Volume One of "Harper"
Was South Carolina Author's
First Work of Short Stories
South Carolina author and editor Daniel Elton Harmon has written more than 70 books, most of them educational studies for juvenile readers. (Click here for details.) He's also written thousands of articles for local, regional and national periodicals and has edited several magazines and newsletters. In recent years, he's devoted more of his time to his passion: his two parallel series of history/mystery adventure stories following the careers of "Harper" and "MacTavish," crime reporter-sleuths operating in late 19th-Century South Carolina.

He began writing for newspapers and magazines while in college (University of South Carolina, B.A. in journalism, 1972). His freelance articles have appeared in such periodicals as Nautilus, Music Journal and The New York Times. He served for a decade in various writing and editing roles for The Dispatch-News in his Lexington, South Carolina, hometown and later wrote a human interest column for The Lexington County Chronicle.

Harmon served as associate editor and art director of Sandlapper: The Magazine of South Carolina from 1989 to 2009 and has edited The Lawyer’s PC, a technology newsletter for legal professionals published by Thomson Reuters/West, since 1983. Since 2007, he has contributed the monthly "Day Trip Destinations" photo-feature to Boiling Springs Today magazine; his "Casebook of MacTavish" historical short story series has been published monthly since August 2008.

His book career began in 1993. After abridging and editing a number of Christian classics for Barbour Publishing, Inc., he wrote five titles for Barbour in 1996-97: four book-length "Great Clean Jokes" compilations and Men of the Bible: Fifty Biographical Sketches of Biblical Men. For two years Harmon edited The Christian Bed & Breakfast Directory, published by Barbour. Since 1997, he has researched and written books for Rosen Publishing, Wright/McGraw-Hill, Chelsea House, Mason Crest and other publishers on multiple topics including the Bible, the American Revolution and Civil War, international studies, world exploration, psychological disorders, government agencies and biographies.

The Chalk Town Train & Other Tales is his first book of fiction and the first of his series of short story collections that follow the career of Harper the crime reporter. Five additional Harper stories have appeared in Harmon's quarterly e-magazette, The Illustrated Harper & MacTavish Reader. More than 80 subsequent stories in the series are "germinated," as he puts it. "Some of them are rather developed. Others are just seeds of plots or small scenes or bits of dialogue which I can't wait to dig into—but I need time for that. I hope to have the second volume ready in e-book format in late 2011."

Two stories from Volume One were published by mystery e-magazines in 2001. "The Swindlers Circle," appearing in Volume 22 of HandHeldCrime, marked Harmon's debut as a mystery writer. "The Derelict Seamen" was published shortly thereafter by Mysterical-E.

More than 30 MacTavish stories have been written, meanwhile. The Ghosts at Glenn Springs & Other Tales: The Casebook of MacTavish, Volume One, was published in March 2011 by Amazon.com in Kindle e-book format. (The Kindle e-reader platform is available as a downloadable app for most computers and smart phones.)

A native of rural Lexington County, South Carolina, Harmon now lives in Spartanburg, South Carolina, with his wife Sherie, a respiratory therapist. They have three daughters. He is a member of Spartanburg Associate Reformed Presbyterian Church. Special interests include folk music and maritime history.

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