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Rosen Publishing in 2010 and 2011 released its social studies series "The United States: Past and Present" for junior high school grades. Daniel E. Harmon contributed the volumes on Washington State, Minnesota and—tah-dah!—his home state, South Carolina. Since 2008, Rosen has published five of Harmon's high school and junior high books on career fields: electrician, the corrections system, explosives and arson investigation, Internet security, and environmental cleanup and emergency hazmat response. He also wrote two titles in Rosen's "Get $mart With Your Money" series for teens: First Car Smarts and First Job Smarts.

Rosen Publishing in 2008 released Pervez Musharraf, Harmon's biography of the former Pakistan president. "That was part of Rosen's 'Newsmakers' series for high school-level readers," Harmon reflects. "We wanted to be as up-to-date as possible, but because of the time it takes between research and publication, some of what we wrote was 'old news' by the time it got into the hands of readers. It was an intriguing project, though."

For the most part, Rosen Publishing has kept him busy with health- and science-related subjects during the past five years. Harmon's books for young readers have dealt with overscheduling and stress; juvenile obesity; potential food dangers in the international fish, meat and poultry supplies; chemical and biological weapons; new medicines; and the dangers of hallucinogens.

Mason Crest Publishers in 2008 released Harmon's country study Algeria, a volume in its "Africa: Continent in the Balance" series.

"One of the things I've dearly appreciated about my relationship with Rosen, Mason Crest, Chelsea House, Wright/McGraw-Hill and Barbour Publishing over the years has been the terrific variety of assignments. They started with Barbour's series of 'Clean Jokes' and the 'Men of the Bible' compendium in the mid-1990s. Since then, I've gotten to write about everything from colonial Africa to the Titanic to 15th-Century explorers to the Hudson River to the FBI." Probably his favorites so far, he says, were his book on the Titanic and the profile of the Hudson for Chelsea House' "Rivers in American Life and Times" series. "I've always been fascinated by maritime history."

Harmon has written more than 70 books since 1996 on topics including American history, international studies, exploration, biographies, careers, health, government and psychology (see the author's bio page). Most are juvenile educational titles, with target audience levels ranging from fourth grade through high school.

What's in the works from Harmon's desk?

"I just completed two volumes for a Rosen Publishing series for teenagers on forming and managing garage bands—an interesting change-up from the book assignments I've been given during the past 15 years. I enjoyed the research and writing. Learned a lot. The series (four volumes) should be out in 2012."

Harmon remains busy as an editor. In addition to his longstanding work assembling The Lawyer's PC, a technical newsletter published by West/Thomson, he contributes the monthly "Day Trip Destinations" photo-feature for Boiling Springs Today magazine, which also publishes his monthly "Casebook of MacTavish" short story series. Since May 2010, he's written more than a hundred short articles, mainly history-related, for the Suite101.com online project.

His new e-magazette, The Illustrated Harper & MacTavish Reader, keeps him busy on a quarterly publication schedule.

When he finds time apart from writing mystery fiction, researching educational books and editing/writing The Lawyer's PC, Harmon currently is compiling material for a centennial anniversary book on the sinking of the Titanic. (Chelsea House in 2001 published his book The Titanic as part of its "Great Disasters: Reforms and Ramifications" series.) His new Titanic book will be available late this year as an Amazon.com e-book.

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