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Folk Ballads & Hymns From 1994 Project Now on YouTube

Tracks from Harmon's 1994 recording A Christian Bard in the Basement are being re-released!


The Chalk Town Train & Other Tales Available for Kindle

The Chalk Town Train & Other Tales: The Harper Chronicles, Volume One is the first collection of short stories in "The Harper Chronicles" historical mystery series. Originally published in 2001, it now is available at Amazon.com for the Kindle e-reader and Kindle app.


Titanic "Centennial Reader" Released for Kindle

On a Sea So Cold & Still—The Titanic: A Centennial Reader is the author's sequel

to his Titanic volume in Chelsea House' "Great Disasters: Reforms and Ramifications" history series.

Available now via Amazon.com for the Kindle reader app.


Four Years of "MacTavish" Stories in Compiled Annual Volumes

Four volumes of "The Casebook of MacTavish" stories—the first four years of monthly publication,

46 stories—are available as e-books for the Kindle reader app or in PDF format.


Don't Like E-Reading? Print Samplers Are Available. . . .

Check out these four staple-bound couplets of recent Harper and MacTavish stories.


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"vintage" e-magazine!

Join Harper and his niece in unraveling an embezzlement ring in South Carolina's capital city, circa 1890. Ride with MacTavish "Aboard the Asheville Train" to spoil a clever theft. Discover an Arthur Conan Doyle fact-based mystery written before  Sherlock Holmes became a household name.


Such is the content of The Illustrated Harper & MacTavish Reader, the e-magazette (.pdf format) that arrived in subscribers' inboxes on 2 January 2010. Published at the beginning of the quarter, each issue presents one Harper story, one MacTavish story, notes on period crimes and criminals, glimpses into remarkable South Carolina events and lifestyles of the period, and a quiz to challenge your knowledge of criminal history.


AND HANG ONTO YOUR GALLUSES! Subscribers receive new, never-before-published Harper and MacTavish "cliffhanger" serials in weekly installments! Follow Harper on the trail of "The Missing Corpse." Enjoy an afternoon snooze at MacTavish' idyllic campsite retreat—only to be stabbed awake by "The Scream in the Mountain Hollow." Sense the eeriness of "The Cemetery of the Insane" . . . and help solve the obscure cold case that established it.


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First MacTavish

"Casebook" Now

Available as E-book

For Amazon Kindle

The first 11 stories (August 1878-July 1879), serialized in Boiling Springs Today magazine, now are available as an Amazon Kindle e-book! Please click the book jacket for details and ordering information via Amazon.com.



"Harper Chronicles"

Volume One Marks

10th Anniversary

Along dusty country lanes, muddy capital city streets, rail lines and stage routes across late-19th-century South Carolina, the indomitable, eccentric crime reporter for the fledgling Columbia Challenge makes his way through a bizarre assortment of mysteries and intrigues. Are there embezzlement schemes in the wind? Buried secrets? Escaped convicts? Strange apparitions? Desperate brigands? Harper is on the scent, pen in his hand, pipe in his mouth, Bible in his correspondent’s satchel.

Daniel Elton Harmon’s The Chalk Town Train & Other Tales, the first volume in “The Harper Chronicles” short story series, was published in October 2001. Click the book cover for a list of stories, a savory sampler, press comments and other information.

Rose T. Wilkins, book columnist for Sandlapper Magazine, calls the Harper tales “fascinating stories of adventure . . . a trip back in time that is hard to put down.” Jerry Bellune of The Lexington County Chronicle rates them as “page turners that possess the tone and color and drama of literature."


 Critical acclaim for The Chalk Town Train & Other Tales

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"MacTavish" Series Now

In Its Fifth Year

Of Monthly Serialization

In BST Magazine

The adventures of MacTavish, Harper's young contemporary crime reporter based in upstate Spartanburg, South Carolina, during the late 1800s, are chronicled monthly in Boiling Springs Today magazine.

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News Desk

MYSTERIES & MUSIC: Daniel Elton Harmon is back "on tour"—this time adding historical mystery story readings to his traditional folk ballad bag. . . .

Read the complete transcript of the March-April 2010 interview with Daniel Elton Harmon in his hometown newspaper, The Lexington County Chronicle.

MYSTERY WRITING SECRETS: "Good Old Index," Daniel Elton Harmon's research tips for historical mystery writers, has been published online in Rosalie Stafford's Web Mystery Magazine.

PEOPLE OF THE BIBLE: Harmon's Men of the Bible, reprinted several times since its original 1997 release, has been merged with Colleen Reece' Women of the Bible and Julie Reece-DeMarco's Children of the Bible into a single volume titled 128 of the Greatest Stories From the Bible (Barbour Publishing).

INTRIGUING BIBLE FACTS: Harmon's Bible quiz book was published by CrossAmerica Books (www.crossings.com). BibleChallenge: Small Facts From the Big Book contains more than 100 categorized quiz sets.

BEST-SELLING HUMOR: Of the four "Great Clean Jokes" volumes Harmon wrote for Barbour Publishing (www.barbourbooks.com) in the 1990s, the original Great Clean Jokes for Kids was described as one of three "kid-tested, parent-approved best-sellers" in Barbour's "Children's & Youth Catalog." More than 125,000 copies of the book have been sold.


NEWS EXTRA -- Reviewer and newsgroup co-moderator Rachel A Hyde of Devon, England, included The Chalk Town Train & Other Tales among her CrimeThruTime Top 10 books of 2001! Read her full review here. Tom Miller at The Poisoned Pen in Scottsdale, AZ, placed The Chalk Town Train & Other Tales on his recommended reading list. The Poisoned Pen is one of the largest mystery bookstores in North America.


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